Should You Hire An Income Tax Preparer?

Income Tax Preparation ServiceIncome tax preparation by a professional is a must in today’s economy. An income tax preparation professional can often times save you money by identifying deductions you may not have been aware of.  If you need Turbo Tax help, we can do that also.

80% Of Taxpayers That Use A Tax Professional Save More Time and Money

Tax laws and forms change all the time. An income tax preparer is up to date on every possible deduction you are entitled to; thereby minimizing the amount of tax you’ll pay and maximizing your refund.  A tax advocate on your side is a must in today’s environment.

Has It Been A While?

Are you behind on preparing your income tax return for previous years? Norris can often times dramatically reduce the amount you owe the IRS, even if you’re delinquent on your taxes.

Call Norris right now for expert, friendly advice and service. 480-812-1523. We can save you money.  I am your Tax Advocate with the IRS.

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